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1. Dragonsbreath
An exclamation used occasionally by Knightmare characters to denote surprised annoyance. Lillith did so during the quest of Team 2 of Series 1, when it transpired that dungeoneer Maeve had only soap, and no comb, to offer her. Treguard said in Series 5: "Dragonsbreath, but someone's let the fire burn low". Considering that dragons' breath is fire, this is perhaps ironic. Lord Fear was heard to cry "dragonsbreath" too. Pickle may have had concerns about draconian fire, for he commented during the quest of Team 6 of Series 5 that "there's only one thing worse than dragons' breath and that's Elita's tongue."
 [Related Image] Dragonsbreath is also the name of a Series 7 potion. Scarlet in colour, it was picked up on Level 3 by Team 3 of Series 7. The quest ended before the potion could be put to use. Perhaps drinking it would have given dungeoneer Alex the same kind of 'firepower' as the spell FIRE had given Dickon in Series 4.

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2. Dragonsbreath
The Knightmare Discussion Forum had a member named DragonsBreath, who joined in April of 2004. Just as Dragonsbreath the potion was never used, DragonsBreath the member never posted. The account was deleted by Mystara in 2009.

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