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1. Christmas At Knightmare Castle
A fan story (author unknown) published in the Winter 1992 issue of The Quest, showing "what Christmas is like in the Powers That Be household". Treguard & Pickle's guests at Knightmare Castle include Hordriss and Sidriss, Elita, Gwendoline, Sir Hugh de Wittless, Gundrada, Brother Mace (who cooks the turkey dinner) and Motley, who plays tricks on everyone for the second year running. It is also Motley's turn to prepare the Christmas pudding, which promises to be the highlight of the day.

Christmas At Knightmare Castle can be read here. Other festive fanfics include Lord Fear's Christmas Carol by Rosey Collins (1996), Lord Fear's Christmas Carol by Martin Odoni (2003), and the fourth Interactive Story written by forum members (2005).

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