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1. Chiltern Open Air Museum
A museum near the village of Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, whose aim is to rescue and preserve buildings of historical or vernacular interest. Click here to visit the website.

The Level 1 settlement of Holmgarth, visited by several teams in Series 6, featured the museum's reconstruction of an Iron Age round-house.
 [Related Image] Matt's quest began with this Eyeshield sequence.
Treguard: "This, I think, is Holmgarth - a border post that guards the way between fair paths and foul. Any house you find here is possibly the last safe house on your quest, team."
 [Related Image] Team 4 of Series 6 found clue objects outside the house, and were menaced by Lord Fear's giant hand. Team 5 found the Dreadnort on guard here.
 [Related Image] The clue table for Team 1 was inside the house. Their dungeoneer was memorably frozen while using a spyglass here.
 [Related Image] Having managed to escape, Matt then walked around the house to a nearby portal.

A selection of photographs taken by Jake Collins can be found in Issues 61 and 62 of The Eye Shield.

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