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1. Carew Castle
A 13th century Norman castle in the village of Carew, Pembrokeshire.

The following Knightmare scenes were filmed at Carew Castle:

 [Related Image] Several teams encountered Skarkill in this Level 2 room (the Lesser Hall). He successfully captured dungeoneer Richard here, despite a creative attempt to bribe him with a "magic" horn!
 [Related Image] On one occasion it was horizontally flipped and included the Descender to Level 3 (Winteria).
 [Related Image] A modified version of the same room was used for a Level 2 Causeway in Series 5.
 [Related Image] This Eyeshield sequence was used as Team 4 of Series 5 arrived in Level 2.
 [Related Image] It showed them passing through the chapel with its vaulted ceiling. On either side of the stained glass window are an aumbry (small cupboard) and a piscina (holy water font).

Carew Castle is managed by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and is open to the public. Click here to visit the website.

A selection of photographs taken by Canadanne in April 2016 can be found here.

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