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1. Cadrighan the Chronicler
 [Related Image] Editor of KAC newsletter The Quest in 1994 and 1995, taking on the role after Wilf Wright's unfortunate demise in Fetlock Forest.

Cadrighan worked at Dunshelm Castle and was tasked with recording all adventures that took place in the dungeon. He claimed to be "strictly impartial" but clearly had a low opinion of Lord Fear and his technomancy, calling him "a bit of an idiot" among other things. With his busy schedule, Cadrighan grumbled about having to deliver issues of TQ as well, especially as it involved the use of unreliable "time transference" spells. On the subject of magic, he also expressed a desire to cast a silence spell on motormouth dungeoneer Barry Thorne!

During his tenure, Cadrighan was the bearer of both good news (confirming there would be an eighth series of Knightmare) and bad news (that it would be shorter than usual and probably the last). He also previewed the final season with detailed descriptions of all the new arrivals - Skeletrons, Miremen (apparently imported from Atlantis), Honesty Bartram, Stiletta (whom he called "a bit of a snob") and Snapper-Jack.

It also fell to Cadrighan to explain why adventurers from our world could no longer challenge the Knightmare dungeon. This consisted of some elaborate retcon about a magical stone used to summon dungeoneers from alternate realities. With the stone now destroyed, Treguard & co would have to look elsewhere for help to defeat the Opposition.

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