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1. Bungay Castle
A 13th century Norman castle in the market town of Bungay, Suffolk, once held by the Bigod family who also owned Framlingham Castle.
 [Related Image] The twin towers of the gatehouse were seen in the Series 5 finale, when Aesandre had begun to freeze the dungeon in order to trap dungeoneer Kelly in the underworld. Hordriss said the portal here was the only one that could get them back safely to Treguard's antechamber. The pair of them were seen crunching across the snow as Aesandre's spell took effect. "Hurry, Kelly - quickly, to the door!"

The ruins are now owned and managed by the Bungay Castle Trust, a registered charity. Entrance is via the Jesters Café and Visitor Centre on Castle Orchard.

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