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1. Bridge the Pit
From TES issue 37 (January 2006)

Series 1/2. Level 1.

This was a very early level one challenge, which tested the wits of one team in each of the first two series of Knightmare. The challenge took place in the room with four doors that was also used as the catacombite's lair, and later housed the pit of Khar. This time, there was a large hole spanning the middle of the room, with the fiery glow of a blazing inferno emanating from beneath. The simple task was to bridge this pit, and be able to walk across it to the exit doors on the other side.
 [Related Image] The method for bridging the pit was simple. There was an iron grate suspended above the pit, which could be lowered to form a bridge. The first dungeoneer to attempt to do this was Richard I, in the sixth episode of series 1. There was a glowing outline of a bridge on the floor before him, which gave a fairly obvious clue as to what to do. Treguard was quick to point out the simplicity of the challenge, and even gave some fairly clear clues about how to complete it: "First use your eyes, then use your wits, then use your feet." - Treguard. Richard and his team completed the challenge with no problems, with a slight veer towards the left-hand side of the bridge as the only slight difficulty: "You are about to step off the bridge!" - Treguard. He wasn't, though, and didn't, so the challenge was easily completed.
 [Related Image] Chris I was the second and last dungeoneer to attempt this challenge, in the second episode of series 2. He had to ring a bell, which was mounted on one of the doorframes (along with a Ring Bell sign) in order to lower the grate. It looked exactly like a doorbell, implying that it needed to be pressed, which the advisors told Chris to do. However, the noise it evoked was definitely the clanging of a more traditional type of bell. That was a slight discrepancy on the production team's behalf, but I won't go on about it. Again, Chris was able to exit the chamber swiftly and easily.

In short, this challenge was very easy, but this suited its purpose of weeding out any complete idiots who had no chance of surviving level one.

Difficulty: 2 A simple starter.
Killer Instinct: 1 Very unlikely to bag a victim.
Gore Factor: 4 That fiery furnace below could have been interesting...
Fairness: 10 Anyone who can't do this deserves to be sent home in disgrace.

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