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1. Bog off
An impolite way of telling to someone to avaunt/go away. It was used most famously on Knightmare by Pickle, giving rise to one of David Learner's favourite memories. He recounted this in an interview with Debbie Glover in 2002:
 [Related Image] '[Hugo Myatt (Treguard) and I] would open and close Series 5 with a bit of banter, and I had developed this kind of character where I would be a bit abusive to the televisual audience [the Watchers]. And there was a memorable moment where at the end of one programme [Episode 2], Hugo who'd usually signed off said, "Alright, you do it do it then." And I looked straight to the camera and said, "I say you lot, bog off!". It wasn't so much that; in the gallery I heard Sue the production assistant go "HAHAHA", and I think you can hear that now on the tape.'

In December 2002, in a post on the Discussion Forum, Debz revealed the following additional information about David Learner and the famous phrase: 'According to Hugo, no one was saying Bog Off much at the time, so he credits Knightmare as having another first and starting off the trend, which was nice! ;D But when David remembers these catchphrases that he is noted as saying ... he seems a bit embarrased [sic] about it, as people come up to him and ask him to say "Bog Off" ... But he wouldn't change it for the world, because like everyone else involved in KM, he remembers it so fondly.'

The phrase was used by other characters too. Elita ordered dungeoneers to bog off in Series 5 and 6, including Alex from Team 6 of Series 5 and Sophia from Team 6 of Series 6. During Quest 5 of that series, Sylvester Hands reported to Lord Fear how Sidriss had told him to bog off, just before he caused her to fall in love with him by means of magic.

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