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1. Barry
A name with a variety of connections, both direct and tenuous, to Knightmare. This entry aims to collate them, and to provide links to other relevant Lexicon entries in doing so.

Barry Thorne was a winning dungeoneer from Series 7. Team 7 of Series 7 to be precise.

Cliff Barry played Lissard, Raptor and Brother Strange during Series 7 and 8.

Barry Chuckle, of the Chuckle Brothers, appeared alongside Hugo Myatt (Treguard) in one episode of Chucklevision. Barry Chuckle meets Treguard in Billy Hicks' crossover fanfic Knighty Knight Mare.

The word barry is used in heraldry to mean a shield with horizontal stripes, although such a shield did not appear in Knightmare. Nonetheless, considering the fortunes of Barry Thorne, there is irony worth noting in that fact.

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