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1. BUT
One of two spells given by Hordriss to Team 1 of Series 4. He described BUT as "quite humble". Treguard hinted that if the team had cast BUT when they encountered Mogdred, they would have survived. In the event, they had tried to cast TRANSFORMATION, but couldn't spell out the long word in full before Mogdred killed the dungeoneer Helen via a floating sword.
 [Related Image] Since BUT was never cast, many Knightmare fans have speculated about what effect it would have had. In March 2024, Alan Boyd (Mystara) posted on the forum:

'I managed to get an answer to this quest.

1) It was intended that the team cast BUT followed by TRANSFORMATION.

2) The spell BUT was intended to make Mogdred stumble over his words, specifically the word 'but'.

3) TRANSFORMATION would cause Mogdred to transform into Merlin, whereupon he would open a door for the team to escape the room.

4) The room was not the final room, but it was close.'

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