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1. Ask Alex
A well-liked feature of the website NKTP that was active between May 31st and December 1st of 2000. Knowledgeable Knightmare fan Alex Smith would answer Knightmare-related questions submitted by visitors the website, mixing fact, speculation and wit in doing so.

Alex tackled the following 41 queries (some of which contain multiple questions):

- [How did] Series 6 team 4 [die]?
- How did Martin's team die in Series 3?
- Did anyone actually die in real life while shooting Knightmare?
- Exactly how many teams were killed by those ... causeways in Series 5 & 6?
- What was the first death in Series 8?
- What's the most truly bizarre team death in your opinion?
- Which team in Series 5 were killed by Skargill [sic]?
- Was Series 3 too hard or too dependent on correct riddles for a successful quest?
- Simon's Death in Series 3 - fixed, do you think?
- Have any teams died in The Sewers of Goth, Series 7?
- How many teams were killed by The Dreadnaught, Series 6?
- Which was the hardest series out of the eight from the viewpoint of the teams in your opinion? That is, where was it hardest to succeed against the dungeon?
- Which team in Series 7 were being followed by a giant troll and were killed on that 'floor of spikes' puzzle?
- Is there a logical sequence to the Play Your Cards Right puzzle in Series 7, or do you have to take a wild guess at the correct card with a 50-50 chance of death?
- Which bad guy had more deaths to his name? Lord Fear or Mogdred?, whose dungeons were harder and was Mogdred ever in series one?
- In the early series', there was a red dragon called Owen inhabiting the dungeon (and teams usually had to step on his nose to get across a pit). He didn't actually kill any teams off, did he?
- Do you think the causeways render the 5th and 6th series of Knightmare incredibly dull? They do limit the variety of the deaths somewhat, don't they?!!!
- Were there any deaths caused by wall monsters across the whole of the Knightmare era, in particular the Mogdread [sic] era?
- Do you believe that for each season of the dungeon, the fact that they used the same starting room for each quest in each season was a lack of imagination? Like, all the quests in Series three started in the green room, all those in Series One (except the last one) started in the four door room. A bit of unimagination on behalf of Mr. Child, do you think, the lack of variety at the start of quests?
- Did Hordriss ever kill anybody?
- With the exception of Hordriss, were any characters from the first four series in series five, six, seven or eight?
- The blue and red corridor sequences in Series Three - pre-recorded before the advisors got to see them, do you think? They do look a bit wooden and repetitive, and no dungeoneer ever spoke while walking through them or responded to any instructions like "Duck!". Pre-recorded and just serve as time fillers, do you believe?
- Why was Mogdred scrapped as the main 'baddie' in Series 5 and replaced by Lord Fear?
- What would have happened if a dungeoneer gave three 'falsehoods' to a wall monster (Series 1-3)?
- How many ... teams died on Level One?
- What were the shortest and longest quests in the history of the show?
- Which character do you think was the most enjoyable to watch out of - Treguard's assistants: Pickle or Majida?
- Mildread Series Two - how do you think they did that thing where Mildread impersonated a team member?
- I don't suppose you know why Hordriss has red streaks in his hair and/or beard? (I forget where they are, I know he has some) If not, could you speculate?
- If at the end of a Series, a team couldn't finish their quest because "all adventuring must cease", would they have received a consolation prize or something since they were forced to abort the quest due to circumstances beyond their control (aka, the end of the Series), do you think?
- Why do you think that some characters were favoured more than others, and therefore stayed for several series, whilst others only stayed for one. Which in your opinion were the best male and female characters?
- I know that Mogdread [sic] appeared in Series 2 & 4, but did he make an appearance in Series 3?
- Do you think that the Frightknight causeways in Series 6 were harder than those in Series 5?
- What's your favourite episode ever of Knightmare and why do you like it so much?
- Why [do you] get a buzz out of putting "This is, of course, a complete lie" on [the] Ask Alex replies?
- Is Treguard the only character to have appeared in ALL series?
- In Mogdreds era when a dungeoneer left the room, the screen was pushed to the back with the red pulsing background. In Lord Fear's era the dungeoneer smoothly disappeared through the door with a passing sound effect. Which did you prefer?
- Which team was the best in terms of character interaction and were there any Dungeoneers that made the actors lose the plot completely?
- 1) The first question I would like to ask you is should they have used the pendulum more in series 2?
- 2) Also don't you think the last episode of series 8 where Dunstan won was fixed seeing no one else won?
- Why did the outdoor eye shield sequences have a purple tint to them?

The answers to these questions, once archived here, are currently unavailable.

When Andrew Buckley took over from Alex, the section was renamed Ask Andrew. The latter-day equivalent is Billy Hicks' Beg Billy section on IKM, in which some of the questions have been asked by Alex himself.

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Provided By: David, 2009-12-29 13:14:52
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2. Ask Alex
Exceedingly popular section of NKTP during its two and a half year run. The concept was simple: Ask Alex (a question) by filling in a form. Come back in a few days to see the answer. Questions were all Knigtmare related and gave an opinion on any element of Knightmare.

Topics raised during the Ask era covered everything from obvious "what if..?" questions to the obscure.

When Alex retired from Ask after a few months, the handle was given to a chap called Andrew Buckley who took over Ask for the remainder of the time NKTP was online.

In the later months of Ask, due to a poor choice of words by NKTP, the site received all kinds of wierd and wonderful questions that had nothing whatsoever to do with Knightmare. A huge backlog of unanswered questions for Ask remins with NKTP.

Provided By: Neil Jones, 2004-12-04 18:57:18
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