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1. Interactive Story #1
Sometimes, the most successful ideas are the most unlikely ones. The original Interactive Story is a prime example of this.

The story was started by Emily Bradshaw (aka Emii, aka Kully, aka Kulaemii, etc, etc} on the talkKnightmare forum (part of, now known simply as the Knightmare Forum) on the 29th January 2003. Over to her for the rules:

"Basically, we will all develop a story based around Knightmare and all aspects of it. The parts you post can be any thing from a sentence to a paragraph or two, so long as it follows on from the last post and makes sense. New things can be introduced, however mad, so long as they are explained somewhere along the way and have a reason for being involved. It would help if you can leave ends open for the next poster to play with :)"

And, so, she began the first part, featuring Treguard seemingly angry at something the advisors had done. Done what? That was for the next few posters to decide.

And decide they did! Other than Emii herself, a total of ten individual posters continued, and continued, and continued the story for nine pages, before finally being wound up on the 21st March '03 by Tim Child himself! By that time, it had told a fascinating story of action, drama, and comedy, and managed to include EVERY single Knightmare character in one way or another. The complete selection of members who took part, in chronological order, were Emii, James Aukett, Malefact, Grimaldine Grimwold, Wong Chung Bang, Pooka, Steveir, White Floating Skull, Thanatos, Velda, and beveryafraid.

Including a summary here would make the page a lot longer than it already is, so, if you want to read this Interactive Story (and I don't blame you) you can find it in two places. One is the original forum thread, found here (a summary is available on page 8) and the other is the Word Document added to on the 1st September 2003, found here. The site also contains some neat illustrations from Emii herself, which you can find here.

See also Interactive Story #2 and Interactive Story #3.

(Originally posted on 2005-03-23 12:28:45)

Provided By: Billy, 2005-09-08 02:21:00
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