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1. Interactive Story #2
Due to the success of Interactive Story #1, a second was attempted on the 22nd June 2003, also by Emii. However, though it went just as well at first, and attracted the same amount of individual members as the original, it eventually began to dry up, only being contributed to by a few members by the end of the year.

Standing at four pages, it seemed the story would never be completed, until, after no posts since the 20th December, Billy Hicks brought it back on the 27th July 2004. This was followed by a post by Raven on the 29th. As this consisted of Lord Fear being killed off, it didn't really help in terms of continuity, and effectively prevented the story from continuing. This seemed like the end of the road, until, over a year later on the 8th September 2005, Drassil managed to carry it on and write a true ending for the story.

The complete selection of members who took part, in chronological order, were Emii, Malefact, Ali Everett, BillyH, Grimaldine Grimwold, Pickle, Kawaii Catgirl, Lord Bob, Drassil, Skarkill, and Raven.

The thread containing the full story remains here, and a brief summary follows (mainly adapted from Malefact's in the same thread, and updated to include information on posts after that):

The Gruagach (the evil character from the first book who originally ruled the Dungeon) managed to cheat death (Treguard slew the Gruagach when he mastered the Dungeon) by exploiting the paradox Lord Fear and Lissard created when they imported the Mally-bous across time to feed Festus. The Mally-bous were creatures that existed in the Dungeon during the Gruagach's reign but were wiped out. The idea is that the Gruagach observed Fear and Lissard stealing the creatures and investigated where they came from and discovered its fate. So, it changed time itself to stop that happening. The result is that Treguard never came to Knightmare Castle, mastered the Dungeon and slew the Gruagach. Another result of that is that none of the characters ever existed. The only exception was Lord Fear, who shielded himself from the effects. It was up to him to find Treguard (who knew nothing of this because he hadn't mastered the Dungeon) and get him to help. By destroying the Gruagach and his tiles, the damage would be undone and the Dungeon would return to normal. However, escaping from the Gruagach, Fear found himself in a forest, where an army of floating skulls found him and killed him. With Fear dead, this meant the Gruagach had won- Treguard would now slowly rot to death, and, with that, Knightmare itself would cease to exist. Or had it? It turns out that the whole thing was a dream, dreamt up by none other than Pat Sharp of Fun House fame!

See also Interactive Story #3.

(Originally posted on 2005-03-23 12:30:12)

Provided By: Billy, 2005-09-08 02:00:31
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