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1. Alcázar of Segovia
A 12th century fairytale castle in the city of Segovia, Spain. It is believed to have provided some of the inspiration for Cinderella's Castle at Disney World.

The following Knightmare scenes were filmed at the Alcázar of Segovia:

 [Related Image] The Hall of the Old Palace, containing several suits of armour, was used as an end-of-level room in Series 7. It's where Team 1 met Hordriss (disguised as a tortoise called Nigel), who subsequently revealed the Descender for them.
 [Related Image] Four other teams found Smirkenorff here, following an encounter with either Raptor or Grimaldine.
 [Related Image] Greystagg's palace, visited by Team 3 and Team 7 of Series 7. This is a view of the Throne Room from the Galley Room, with more German-style suits of armour.
 [Related Image] Meeting Greystagg in the 15th century Throne Room. The velvet canopy bears the arms of the Catholic Monarchs.
 [Related Image] A portal could be found in the neighbouring Fireplace Room, which contains furniture dating from the 16th century.
 [Related Image] Also in Level 2, most Series 7 teams visited the opposite end of the Galley Room (so named because the original ceiling was shaped like the inverted hull of a ship). The mural shows Isabella the Catholic being proclaimed Queen of Castile and León in 1474. Sylvester Hands once hid in front of it, and the Brollachan appeared here twice.
 [Related Image] The doorway led through to a portal in the Pine-Cone Room (named after its ceiling pattern). More than one advisor described it as looking "like a church" because of the stained glass window.
 [Related Image] Team 3 and Team 6 of Series 7 met Grimaldine in the Cord Room (named after the Franciscan rope that surrounds it). A tapestry showing the Battle of Arcila can be seen behind him in close-up shots.
 [Related Image] Exiting via the Queen's Dressing Room. The portal was just inside the Chapel round the corner.

The Alcázar de Segovia is open to the public. Click here to visit the website.

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