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1. wart charming
The folkloric practice of banishing warts from the skin, usually involving rituals and supernatural talent of some kind. Heggatty offered to charm warts for dungeoneer Sumayya of Team 2 of Series 6. Heggatty and Peggatty reportedly offered wart charming services to others too, possibly in exchange for witch amber, but were unable to heal Sylvester Hands' acute case. Despite this, he still believed that a witch could cure him, and sought help from one that was in fact a disguised dungeoneer Chris from Team 7 of Series 6. Chris' improvised rhyming and hand waving failed to convince Hands, but a convenient loss of shrewdness allowed Chris to make his escape.

Wart charming was the answer to Merlin's second riddle to Team 3 of Series 1: "A common magic, far from grand, removes small blemishes from one's hand." Although Merlin classed the riddle as embarrassingly easy, the team incorrectly answered soap. Wart charming is also mentioned in the first Knightmare gamebook, where it is offered to the player as a possible answer to one of the questions.

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