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 [Related Image] An amphibian sometimes associated with witchcraft. The toad was one of several animals that appeared the Knightmare Dungeon in giant form. A huge toad peered into the caverns of Level 2 in various quests of Series 3.
 [Related Image] Two characters experienced transformations into toads: McGrew in Series 3, and Fidjit in Series 7 (pictured here). Both were restored to human form by questing teams.
During the meeting of Team 6 of Series 1 and Mug the Gargoyle, the latter mentioned a toad's backside.

In the quest of Team 4 of Series 2, Gretel was found attempting to cook toads in the kitchen on Level 1. She had confused them with tarts, as baked by the Queen of Hearts in nursery rhyme.

Hordriss asked Ben from Team 4 of Series 5 if he was carrying any crushed toads in garlic.

Elita told Alex from Team 6 of Series 5 that she would turn him into "a big warty toad with slimy features" if he used her calling name more than once. Had this occurred, wart charming would only have been a partial solution.

Heggatty said during Series 6 that she would turn Ridolfo into a toad if he pinched her bum again.

In the quest of Team 6 of Series 6, Elita was found conducting a ritual which could have turned her into a toad if performed wrongly. The elf threatened dungeoneer Sophia with the same fate.

Maldame threatened to shrivel Dunstan (Team 6 of Series 8) to a dry toad skin if his warning about a dragon attack turned out to be false.

Lord Fear's Domain featured Touchstone the toad, one of Greystagg's familiars.

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A spell that was cast and dispelled during the sixth quest of Series 3. When a mysterious figure (probably Mogdred) blocked the path of dungeoneer Ross and McGrew on the bridged vale of Level 2 (named in Series 2 as the Vale of Mogdred), the Scotsman offended the adversary, who retaliated by spellcasting TOAD on McGrew, before disappearing. This magic turned McGrew into an oversized amphibian, until the team dispelled it (as DOAT), restoring McGrew to human form.

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The 'TOAD' scene parallels the 'SHROUD' scene of Series 2 in many ways, is echoed in the third quest of Series 7 (SEE RESTORE), and has similarities to a scene two quests previously, where a spell (SWORD) was both cast and undone on the same bridge.

A spell named TOAD is available in the Knightmare computer game made by Activision, and has much the same effect as its Series 3 namesake.

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