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1. shark
 [Related Image] One of the many dangerous animals to be represented in the Dungeon. Martin, the dungeoneer from Team 11 of Series 3, found himself in the Water Room with what seemed to be a shark's fin sticking out the water and moving. It was too early in Level 1 for the team to be in any real danger, but the shark (and the Jaws-type incidental music, if they could hear it), succeeded in worrying the advisors.

One of Merlin's questions to Series 3's next and final team was: "Why can a shark never rest?" They answered that doing so would cause the shark to stop breathing, which Merlin accepted as truth. It was also one of two shark-related questions included among the riddles for the Knightmare board game, the other being: 'The shark cannot float. True or False?' (True.)

Captain Nemanor told dungeoneer Chris (Team 7 of Series 6), who had boarded the Cloudwalker in search of a lightning rod, that he'd go "overboard to sharks" unless he revealed his business on the galleon.

The Brollachan asked Team 4 of Series 7 whether the shark was a fish or a mammal. They gave the correct answer of fish.
 [Related Image] The Mindscape Knightmare computer game features sewer monsters that initially appear as black fins above the water-line, similar to the Series 3 shark.
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