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1. powder
While potions and pills were recurring Knightmare clue objects that logically could only have a magical effect on the user, powders and dusts presented a way, via sprinkling or throwing, for dungeoneers to cause changes to the area or person around them. Powders encountered by teams included the following:

Stardust (Team 4 of Series 3)
Grow-Me-Quick (Team 3 of Series 4)
Moondust (Team 1 of Series 6)
Defrost Powder (Team 4 of Series 6)
Darkness (Team 5 of Series 7)
Insight Powder (Team 6 of Series 7)
Detect Trap powder (Team 6 of Series 7)

Team 13 of Series 2 were asked a question about powders by Bumptious. Folly was once seen throwing flour around the Dungeon kitchen.

The Fortress of Assassins gamebook features sleep dust as a clue object. On the Knightmare Roleplay Forum, a variety of Darkness Powder was Edward Deal's weapon of choice.

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