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1. password
Literally, a word that enables one to pass. A password is a spoken or written word or phrase that grants its user access to a restricted area, much as a key does. Passwords act as a security measure, or a privilege related to status, or both.

In Knightmare, passwords were often a matter of life or death. On many levels in quests, it was essential for a team to give a guard the correct password in order to complete the level, or at least to proceed through it further. Passwords were usually acquired from characters as a reward for knowledge, helpfulness or payment. They might also be learned from a character under duress (SEE: Samurai) or via the use of a spyglass. Characters who gave out passwords to teams include: Cedric, Motley, Elita, Sylvester Hands, Gwendoline, Oakley, Ridolfo, Hordriss, Sidriss and Lord Fear (unwittingly).

In Series 1 and 2, during some quests, passwords were demanded by wellway guards Gibbet, Gumboil and Cedric (though they were at times found on password-collecting duty in places other than wellway rooms). On some occasions the team did not have a password to give, but were 'intended' to use a bribe or a spell (such as WEB or ANVIL) to proceed.

Series 3 had no passwords, but did have step clues, which were necessary for a team to create a safe path across Merlin's chamber in Level 2.

Passwords played no role in Series 4, and hardly any role in Series 7. In Series 5, Blockers on Levels 1 and 2 demanded passwords from dungeoneers. In fact, "Password" was the only thing a Blocker said. Passwords were also known as daywords in this series.

In Series 6, Dreadnort largely took over from the Blockers as the Dungeon's password collector. In Series 8, the term "word key" was used. In KMVR, a blue ogre served as a password guard.

A number of KM teams perished as a direct result of not knowing a password. After a messy and confusing Level 2, Team 7 of Series 5 were faced with a Blocker who surged forward and sucked in goblin-dungeoneer Christopher for his failure to provide the level's password. Team 2 of Series 6 were prevented from advancing by Dreadnort, to whom they could not give the Level 2 password.

Below are many of the passwords that featured in Knightmare, organised by series, team and level.

Series 1
Team 6 of Series 1: Level 2 - Cyclops

Series 2
Team 1 of Series 2: Level 1 - Gretel
Team 2 of Series 2: Level 1 - Feldspar
Team 7 of Series 2: Level 1 - Stalactite (apparently useless, a red herring?)
Team 12 of Series 2: Level 2 - Defender

Series 5
Team 1 of Series 5: Level 1 - Saracen
Team 2 of Series 5: Level 1 - Samurai. Level 2 - Leaf Mould
Team 3 of Series 5: Level 1 - Greenwood (previously given false password, Frightknight, which the team misheard as Bright Light)
Team 4 of Series 5: Level 1 - Bludgeon. Level 2 - Morning Star
Team 5 of Series 5: Level 1 - Sacrifice
Team 6 of Series 5: Level 1 - Sabre Tooth. Level 2 - Black Rock
Team 7 of Series 5: Level 1 - Sparrow
Team 8 of Series 5: Level 1 - Imbecile
Team 9 of Series 5: Level 1 - Rat Pack

Series 6
Team 1 of Series 6: Level 1 - Skeleton. Level 2 - Monstrous
Team 2 of Series 6: Level 1 - Paladin
Team 3 of Series 6: Level 1 - Elephant. Level 2 - Scarify
Team 4 of Series 6: Level 1 - Storming
Team 5 of Series 6: Level 1 - Breastplate
Team 6 of Series 6: Level 1 - Grimwold. Level 2 - Territory
Team 7 of Series 6: Level 1 - Passport

Series 7
Team 5 of Series 7: Level 1 - Brollachan

Knightmare VR pilot: Friday

Geek Week 2013 (extended): Level 2 - Sylvester

Where the KM books are concerned, Can You Beat The Challenge?, The Future King and Lord Fear’s Domain all feature guards who seek passwords from the player.

In July 2011, the fanart below was posted on the forum by Insider.

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