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1. orc
Also spelt ork. In basic terms, orcs are generally depicted as humanoid monsters. They weren't explicitly seen in Knightmare, but weren't without mention either.

Having asked a question to Team 9 of Series 3 concerning The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, the wall monster Golgarach then asked what goblins are called in that "same legend". The team gave the answer "trolls", but the truth Golgarach sought was "orcs". Thus, while many post-Tolkien fantasy works draw a distinction between goblins and orcs, perhaps Knightmare is one that doesn't.

Orcs are not mentioned again until the Knightmare VR pilot, when Lissard speaks of unleashing some upon dungeoneer Arthur, implying that Lord Fear has orcs at his service. KMVR's narrator, initially named as 'Goblin' and codenamed as Beveryafraid by Tim Child, speaks of a widespread distrust of elves among orcs, and has been considered an orc himself by some fans. Indeed, the character has since appeared on the interMedialab website [link defunct] with the name Garstang, where he jokes about being part of "an orcward moment".

So it's not altogether certain whether KMVR perpetuated Knightmare's lack of distinction between goblins and orcs, or whether it was set to depict orcs as different from goblins. Eitherway, referring to orcs rather than goblins could be construed as a concession by KMVR to the popularity of the Lord Of The Rings film trilogy.

In the 2013 Geek Week episode of Knightmare, Veruca mentioned "orcs, goblins and other creatures of darkness", and her frustration that what she thought would be a role in "cleaning up" such menaces had turned out to be merely a standard cleaning job.

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2. orc
 [Related Image] While Knightmare used goblins to great effect, orcs were by-and-large ignored in all eight series of the programme, which is a great shame, because they can often be much more of a threat.

Orcs are not goblins, although they are closely related to goblins. Rumoured to grow from the ground, orcs are bigger, meaner, and stronger, yet less intelligent than goblins. They also have green skin, which classes them as something close to 'the older cousins' of goblins. Goblins, indeed, are usually led by orcs.

Although we have never seen orcs in Knightmare, the character BeVeryAfraid (or simply BVA) makes a reference to orcs in the KMVR pilot. Once Arthur meets Ellie, BVA comments that "as any orc will tell you, elves are not to be trusted."
Earlier in the same pilot, it is hinted at that Lord Fear has orcs in his arsenal of followers; while discussing defenses with Fear, Lissard asks the question, "should I let loose the orcses?".

Okay, in the pilot we didn't see them, but at least Knightmare VR introduced a new creature to Knightmare's bestiary, and one that could pose a genuine threat to dungeoneers if encountered.

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