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1. middle name
A handful of Knightmare characters shared with us their middle names. The first of these was Mellisandre, who introduced herself to Team 8 of Series 3 as Mellisandre Makepeace Perhappenstance ("It's not a small name, but then I'm scarcely an inconsequential person"). Speaking to Team 10 of Series 3, she said she'd stopped telling people her middle name because "I don't like it much", but had obviously changed her mind by the following year as she also gave Team 7 of Series 4 her full name.

Spyglass scenes in Series 8 and KMVR revealed that Lissard and Lord Fear's middle names were Timothy and Maurice respectively (a probable reference to the given names of the show's creator, Tim Child). Lissard preferred to claim that "deviousness" was his middle name, just as Julius Scaramonger's was "honest".

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