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1. lolcats
Name given to the 'internet phenomenon' of cat photographs to which stylised, grammatically inaccurate captions have been added to humorous effect: hence, lol (Laugh Out Loud) + cats.

In 2007, Drassil (David) created 'KM lolcats': pictures of Knightmare's feline moments accompanied by lolcat-style captions. Here they are:

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The images were taken from the following scenes:

1. Team 3 of Series 8 encountering a disguised Hordriss.
2. Team 11 of Series 3 encountering the Level 3 cat statues (sometimes known informally as Feline Fire).
3. Team 5 of Series 7 encountering Sidriss and Bethsemane.
4. Raptor fleeing 'catnipped' dungeoneer Julie during Team 6 of Series 7's quest.
5. Sidriss preparing to use the Wand of Confusion in Quest 2 of Series 7.

Provided By: David, 2008-01-03 15:19:45
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