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1. Healing Potion
 [Related Image] During Level 2 of their quest, Team 2 of Series 7 encountered Hordriss, who was suffering from the effects of being hit by one of "always of the Green" Grimaldine's fireballs. He tasked dungeoneer Nicola with getting him a Healing Potion. (Alternative explanation: Hordriss had overdone it on the Saint Patrick's Day celebrations, not to mention having them at the wrong time of year, and wanted a swig of hair-of-the-dog to help him 'heal'.)
 [Related Image] To keep a short story short, Nicola acquired a Healing Potion from Rothberry, summoned Hordriss and gave it to him. The potion restored him to normal, and a key to Level 3 was the team's reward. But they had already sealed their fate: ironically, they had failed to pick up another vital potion, Nightsight.

The healing of Hordriss can be seen in this clip on the ITV Children's Classics YouTube channel.

See also: CURE.

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