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1. Gar
A rune, or ancient Norse alphabetical character, consisting basically of two straight lines criss-crossing a diamond shape. It is considered to represent Gungnir, a magical dwarf-forged weapon wielded by the Norse god Odin, or perhaps Yggdrasil, the World Tree on which Odin was impaled for nine days, during which time he came up with the rune alphabet.
 [Related Image] In the first Knightmare quest alone, gar was seen both as the basis of a clue object (see picture) and as a motif, appearing on the floor by the right-hand portal in the Great Corridor of the Catacomb. To some, gar symbolises things that are unknown and must remain so, so it's maybe fitting that dungeoneer David's egress through the 'gar door' led him and Team 1 of Series 1 to a dark room containing a mysterious, fatal menace.

Gar was featured many more times in Series 1-3 in the forms mentioned above, as well as being the design of the talisman for which Team 10 of Series 2 successfully quested.

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