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1. food
 [Related Image] Items of food found by Knightmare dungeoneers would normally be used to restore Life Force by being placed in the dungeoneer's knapsack. That was reflected in the Series 8 Life Force clock, which was itself food based (a pie, or to some a quiche).

Food might be found among clue objects or on its own. It could also be provided by inhabitants of the dungeon, such as Cedric (who referred to it as "grub") and Brother Mace.
 [Related Image] A food item was sometimes intended for use as a clue object rather than for consumption, such as salt, honey, red herrings, eggs, aniseed balls and jam.
 [Related Image] While most food would have been of benefit to a dungeoneer, the pie offered by 'Gretel' to Team 10 of Series 2 is thought to have been poisonous, or at least part of a trap (see: FOUL).
 [Related Image] Food items that appeared in Knightmare quests included apples, bananas, bread, carrots, cheese, chicken, fish, grapes, onions, oranges, peaches, pears and pineapples. One dungeoneer (Julian, Team 10 of Series 2) also put away some milk. The Knightmare diet would keep you healthy, even if the dungeoneering lifestyle didn't. This was less true of the Knightmare gamebooks, where available food included hamburgers, sausage rolls, puddings and dinosaur steaks.
 [Related Image] According to various sources (including James from Team 1 of Series 4 and Alan from Team 6 of Series 8), some food items on Knightmare were real and some were plastic.

Food available to Knightmare contestants in the studio canteen included duck à l'orange. Dominic from Team 6 of Series 4 told The Quest that the promise of this dish provided an incentive for his team to continue.

For the purposes of the Lexicon categories, all food items are treated as clue objects.
 [Related Image] Unconventional foods for dungeon dwellers included sheep poo (Fatilla) and firestones (Smirkenorff, who was also partial to dragon mints).

Characters seen having food on Knightmare included Brother Mace, Rodney the maggot and Sylvester Hands. Pickle was named after a food but it is up to individual watchers to assess how scrumptious he was.

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