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1. flying potion
A magical substance used by Rothberry the Apothecary when Team 4 of Series 8 met him in the Level 1 trapdoor chamber.

Stiletta had previously expressed doubts that dungeoneer Mike would survive the "awfully long drop" to Level 2, so the team purchased a FLOAT spell from Rothberry to slow Mike's descent. When they enquired how to go about opening the trapdoor, Rothberry suggested jumping up and down on it, and offered to give Mike a hand "because it needs two people". (The next team simply used the Reach wand to open it!)

Realising the danger of falling through the trapdoor himself, Rothberry hurried back to his barrow to "take a flying potion". His actions were not shown on screen, but it sounded like he inhaled something (rather like Sniff) as opposed to drinking it. This appeared to make him high, much to the team's amusement, and he skipped over to join Mike on the trapdoor.

Once the team were also ready (having cast their FLOAT spell), Rothberry jumped on the spot, causing the trapdoor to open. While Mike floated down to Level 2, Rothberry remained safely suspended in mid-air.
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