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1. flower girl
 [Related Image] Informal title given by Knightmare fans to an otherwise-unnamed and uncredited female florist seen briefly in Episode 2 of Series 5.

Appearing in the Greenwood of Level 1, dungeoneer Richard (Team 2 of Series 5) gave her silver in exchange for the fresh-cut spring flowers she was selling. This deal proved particularly convenient for the team, as they were in possession of Pixel in a bottle and the knowledge that she'd only come out if there were fresh flowers around. The flower girl would not be drawn into discussion about the Dungeon in general, but did indicate the direction in which the dungeoneer should proceed. Pixel emerged later in the quest to defend Richard against Sylvester Hands, so it's possible that without the flower girl's timely presence, Hands would have claimed a victim much sooner than dungeoneer January in Series 6 (Team 4).

Richard's encounter with the florist can be seen in this clip on the ITV Children's Classics channel on YouTube.

Knightmare community member Skarkill has suggested that the flower girl was Julius Scaramonger's wife (who was mentioned by her husband but never introduced on screen). This conjecture is echoed in the 2004 fanfic I, Julius, in which Mrs. Scaramonger is a struggling flower seller. Pooka's 2012 fanfic Level 5 suggests a connection between the flower girl and Milly from Knightmare RPG Season 7.

An unrelated character known as 'Flower girl' appeared on Surrounds. Flower girl, who kept her real name secret, was an 8-year-old who had fled her strict parents (and her beloved dog Skye) and become a Wolfenden street urchin. Scruffy but gutsy, flower-selling offered her a legitimate way of getting by when she wasn't pickpocketing or trespassing. The character, played by Knightmare Discussion Forum member Moana Liza, was only active in March 2004 and thus lacked development. In this regard, she and the Series 5 flower girl are alike.

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2. flower girl
A compound noun used to describe an unnamed character who had less screen-time than Gibbet with a solo speaking appearance.

The flower girl was encountered in Series 5 by dungeoneer Richard. She was sitting next to a solitary hut in the forests of Level 1, and immediately insisted that she had "fresh cut flowers for sale!". The team had met Pixel earlier in their quest, who hinted that she would emerge from her receptacle if the aroma of flowers was present. The team, therefore, exchanged some silver for the girl's flowers.

She was not seen again, and didn't have much to say - when the team asked her if she knew anything about the Dungeon, she merely pointed them in the right direction.

It's unknown who she was played by: she sounded very similar to Heggatty, so originally was assumed by some fans to have been played by Stephanie Hesp, although Tim Child stated at 2014's Knightmare Convention that she was played by Erin Geraghty, who also portrayed Mistress Goody in the series.

[Lexicon moderator's note: Erin Geraghty is known only to have appeared in Knightmare Series 4, not Series 5. Tim Child's reference to Erin at the Knightmare Convention is disputed by other attendees.]

The flower girl made a brief appearance on Surrounds, where she was encountered sitting in an inn situated in Warlock.

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