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As well as being one of spells cast by Merlin to top up a dungeoneer's Life Force (the others being VIM and ERG), ENERGY was given out by the wizard to teams for their own use, including:

Team 4 of Series 1: The quest ended before there was an opportunity to cast it. ENERGY had, on this occasion, been described as "high magic", which suggests that it would have been something more than a simple Life Force booster.
 [Related Image] Team 4 of Series 3: Cast twice in a single quest, the only time this happened with any spell on Knightmare. Merlin cast it in Level Two to replenish Leo's Life Force.
 [Related Image] Then, when the team encountered him again in Level Three, he issued them with the spells GRIP and ENERGY (to compensate for the scarcity of food in that level). The team used ENERGY to increase their dungeoneer's Life Force after it was damaged by a sword apparition.

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