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1. bookworm
A creature of the maggot or caterpillar variety that eats into the bindings and pages of books. Where Team 4 of Series 7 found the padlocked book Magic Spell, there was also a clue scroll implying that the book would 'speak when spoken to'. It did; but the voice came not from the book, but from a talking bookworm within the book.

Later, when dungeoneer Naila was confronted by Raptor and his goblins, the bookworm looked through Magic Spell and found a spell, BOLT, to help the team. It is comparable to the way in which some Series 5 teams got assistance against hostile presences from Pixel, by carrying her within a box or bottle.

It is unknown who supplied the voice of the bookworm. Its synthetically high-pitched nature means that it might have been a male actor.

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