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1. alcohol
[Previously titled 'on alcohol']

Brother Mace:

"I am a tavern monk: I am sworn to insobriety."

On Dickon's telling him that he doesn't drink: "Ah, you have taken a vow. My vow is precisely the opposite."

"I sit here in my lonely cell, and I contemplate the follies of the wide world. And I also drink a lot of ale."

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2. alcohol
References to alcohol, drinking and inebriation in Knightmare include:
 [Related Image] > Lillith almost admitting to a hangover but saying "headache" instead to Team 6 of Series 2.

Team 10 of Series 2 and Folly encountering Gumboil after he had been, in Folly's words, "on the dungeon juice". Folly calls him "intoxicated one". Gumboil was later found drinking by Team 12 of Series 2, with Treguard and Casper both remarking on Gumboil's apparent drunkenness.

Brother Mace describing himself to Team 1 of Series 4 as a "tavern monk ... sworn to insobriety" and later telling Team 8 of Series 4 that he drinks "a lot of ale".

Julius Scaramonger apparently drunk when encountered by Team 7 of Series 6. Treguard remarks: "They say he's taken to drink since [Ah Wok] opened his mobile emporium. Doing rather well apparently."

Sylvester Hands becoming inebriated by drinking "Old Heggatty's Dungeon Juice Extra Strong Ale" provided by Team 6 of Series 7. A scroll that read 'One for the road... two for a friend.' had hinted that the team would need to offer someone alcohol in order to make them amiable. Lord Fear had cautioned Hands against "boozing it up at The Mad Cow" and commented on Hands' low tolerance for alcohol: "One half of ale, you think you're Genghis Khan; two, you think you're the entire Mongol horde ... I want you sober for the business in hand."
 [Related Image] > Sylvester Hands expressing to Team 7 of Series 7 his reluctance to drink a Freezer potion: "If it ain't got any alcohol I'm not interested."

See also: Etruscan brandy, Troll Wine, Fireball Brandy

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