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1. True Sight
 [Related Image] Team 5 of Series 6 purchased a Potion of True Sight from Ah Wok on Level 1. It was contained within a grey bottle (the same one in which Pixel was found by Team 2 of Series 5). The team had learned via spyglass that Sidriss had been put magically in love with Sylvester Hands, and passed the True Sight potion onto her, claiming it was a gift from Hands to deepen her love. Sidriss drank the potion, was freed from the enchantment by regaining 'true sight' of the situation, spurned Sly and aided the team.

The scene can be watched in this clip on the ITV Children's Classics YouTube channel.

 [Related Image]

 [Related Image] In Series 7, "Potion of True Sight" was used to refer to a dungeoneer sight potion, like True Seeing. Rothberry blew one up shortly before encountering Team 6 of Series 7. However, they found one intact later in their quest, and it was used to enable dungeoneer Julie to see Play Your Cards Right on Level 3.

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