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1. True Seeing
 [Related Image] During the quest of Team 4 of Series 7, Rothberry sold a Potion of True Seeing to dungeoneer Naila. When later confronted by the swinging troll club - a dangerous obstacle, by the way, rather than a lively venue for internet mischief-makers - Naila drank True Seeing and was able to view what she was facing. However, the potion was apparently a little defective, as black blotches drifted across Naila's vision.

 [Related Image]

Whether the Potion of True Seeing was more a help than a hindrance to Naila in passing the club is, like her sight, unclear. Apparently the Watchers were supposed to marvel at the special effect, rather than wonder whether the dungeoneer would have been better off simply relying on the guidance and timing of her advisors.

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