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1. Treguard (RPG)
In RPG Season 1, and RPG Season 2, the Dungeon Master was portrayed by using a static picture in the Magic Mirror, a picture of the original Treguard from the TV Series.

By RPG Season 3 however, it was decided to have a voiceover for the character. The voiceover was provided by Kieran in early 2001, but was left unused as the season was unable to run for the full amount of instalments.

By RPG Season 4, the character finally appeared on-screen to resume his ante chamber duties, accompanied with new assistant Frégo. For this season, and for all subsequent seasons, the character was again played by Kieran.
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This new, younger version of Treguard has remained with the RPG ever since, surviving plots from Lord Wraith and giving advice to in-game players and characters alike. His companion, Frégo, has remained faithful to him ever since the 4th season, with the female elf Kully aiding him in the antechamber for the latter part of RPG Season 5.

Treguard is perhaps the most symbolic character in the history of Knightmare, and this new version of the character is equally as helpful as the original, if not a little more dark and mysterious about his true self and his past.
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Treguard continued to mind the dungeon in RPG Season 6, and kept a watchful eye over newcomers Gabriel and Morgaine, as well as anticipating old enemies such as Lord Wraith and Lucifer.

Treguard is still a force to be reckoned with in the Knightmare RPG.

Provided By: Kieran, 2004-11-05 02:55:22
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