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1. Tom Karol
 [Related Image] Tom Karol played Olaf, Bumptious the dwarf and Mrs. Grimwold in Series 2 and Series 3. He also provided the voice of the raven.

Tom's other screen credits include:
- Merry-Go-Round (BBC Schools TV series, 1982-1983), as the presenter
- First Aid For Life (British Red Cross video series, 1984), as the presenter
- Dempsey And Makepeace (1 episode, 1985), as a TV reporter
- Tickets For The Titanic (1 episode, 1987), as a newsreader
- Sorry! (1 episode, 1987), as an assertive man
- Catering With Care (Open College video series, 1987), as a chef
- The Bill (2 episodes, 1988 / 1991), as supermarket manager Mr Coombes
- Rockliffe's Folly (1 episode, 1988), as an assistant caravan site manager
- The Manageress (1 episode, 1989), as Peter Cummings
- Hale & Pace (1 episode, 1993), as a bartender at a gentlemen's club
- To Play The King (1 episode, 1993), as a TV presenter of election coverage
- The Fragile Heart (3-part TV movie, 1996), as a dermatologist
- Wycliffe (1 episode, 1996), as marine accident investigator Peter Marsh
- Get Well Soon (1 episode, 1997), as Bruno
- The Glass (1 episode, 2001), as a conference delegate
- Look Around You (1 episode, 2005), as a Russian interpreter for the ghost of Tchaikovsky in a spoof of Tomorrow's World
- New Tricks (1 episode, 2005), as an insurance rep
- Dipper (short film, 2005), non-speaking role as a businessman in the street

In 2002, Tom hosted the pilot of TimeGate, a proposed VR adventure gameshow with similarities to Knightmare. His nephew Kosmo and niece Holly played the dungeoneer and advisor. Tim Child chose him for the part because "Development/experimental programming is a risky business - so I tend to work with talent I can trust".

Tom discussed all of his Knightmare roles in a 2012 interview with James Aukett, revealing Mrs Grimwold to be his favourite. The documentary 25 Years Of Knightmare includes more of his thoughts on the show.

Like fellow KM cast member Bill Cashmore, Tom is also the co-founder of a London company that supplies professional actors for business training purposes: Virtually Real, formed in April 1990.

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