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1. Tim Child
 [Related Image] Tim Child was the producer of Knightmare, heading up the company Broadsword. Knightmare is often credited as being Child's brainchild (excuse the pun!), as he conceived the idea and directed Dungeon Doom, the pilot of Knightmare.

He remained integral to Knightmare's creation, and as well as creating lots of ideas for things such as floor puzzles and characters, also allowed his idea to be exported overseas - thus creating El Rescate del Talisman and Le Chevalier du Labyrinthe. He also had some input into the failed Lords of the Game and KMVR projects (KMVR was, in fact, almost entirely his creation).

Child's voice can be heard in KMVR, as he voices Be Very Afraid and an Ogre.

After Broadsword split into two companies, Broadsword Interactive and Televirtual, Child remained head of Televirtual - and is head to this day.

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