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1. The Truth Of The Dungeon
Fanfic written by Andrew Buckley in 2000. It is a crossover between Knightmare and Doctor Who, set after Series 8 of the former and just before the latter's 1974 serial The Monster Of Peladon. The story features the Third Doctor and companion Sarah Jane Smith traversing 'a time path, leading from Earth 2000 to a copy of Earth 1100' and thereby arriving in the Dungeon, where the Doctor reveals its titular truth: that it is one of a trio of 'monstrous living dungeons on three planets' established by the Gruagach. After a short encounter with Treguard and Majiida (sic), the Doctor gives the Knightmare Dungeon his approval and departs, leaving the Dungeon Master to wait hopefully for a new phase of adventuring.

The Truth Of The Dungeon is available via NKTP. Its sequel is A Colourful Encounter For Mogdread (sic).

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