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1. The Labyrinths of Fear
From TES issue 11 (September 2001)

KNIGHTMARE: The Labyrinths of Fear
Published by Corgi in 1989.
Written by Dave Morris.
 [Related Image] Plot: While attending the Earl's tournament at Alvingham, Treguard runs into his old foe, Rupert of Armitage. After being humiliated by Treguard at the joust, Rupert runs off into the dark depths of Anwin Wood. Treguard gives chase. The pair do not realise, however, that they are blundering into the realm of the Elf King, Arawn. Treguard becomes completely lost, and has to battle for his life against several of Arawn's servants. Rupert, meanwhile, has gained entry to Arawn's court under false pretences. Back at Alvingham, the Earl and some of his court decide to enter Anwin Wood to find Treguard. They are soon met by the Elf King's forces. Helped by Velda, who is rebelling against her king's evil ways, Treguard must find a way to defeat both Rupert and Arawn. The answer lies in the Dream Caverns, the place where the ley-lines converge. As a game of cat-and-mouse ensues in the depths, can Treguard contest the awesome power of the ruler of the Wildwood?
Quest section: This is your chance to do battle with Arawn. Although there are several routes through the Dungeon, it is actually very hard to collect all the objects and spells necessary to succeed. Level one involves many chances to collect some of these, pitting your wits against Mildread, a mad knight or some hungry goblins, before being tested by Motley. There is the entrance to a maze in the wellway room. If you have a compass, a ball of thread or the RAT spell you can explore it and come out alive. Those with a compass may also meet Mogdred (here called Mordred) and have a chance to acquire an iron horseshoe from him, which is a valuable weapon later on. In level two you must please Lillith and avoid some poisoned meat. Merlin also offers you aid twice, if you can find him. Velda is also a potential ally. A choice of either battling some of Arawn's knights or enlisting the aid of a monk and some saints follows, before the fateful meeting with Arawn in level three. Before besting him in a riddling contest, you must defeat three of his faerie creatures: a hellhound, a ghoul-bear and a troll.
Characters from the main story.
Treguard: He has come to Alvingham to enjoy the tournament, and is not happy to find an old foe there. But there is worse waiting for him in Anwin Wood.
Geoffrey, Earl of Alvingham: He thinks highly of Treguard, and is keen to find him when he goes missing in the wood. He considers himself only the heir to the earldom as his uncle Hugo is lost in Anwin Wood, and may still be alive.
Motley: The jester plays for the Earl's court, and tells Treguard the tale of Hugo's disappearance. He later becomes Treguard's squire for the joust.
Cedric: A Hospitaller Knight-turned-monk, Cedric's quick temper marks him as powerful foe in the joust. He becomes Treguard's ally when they gang up on a Norman, and is part of the Earl's rescue party later on.
Rupert of Armitage: One of the villains of the first book, Rupert has now been knighted. He plans to have Treguard overwhelmed by his allies on the battlefield, but flees in disgrace when this fails. He pretends to be the Earl so Arawn accepts him into his court - find out why later - but his trickery is soon uncovered.
Gregory of Acquitaine: Rupert's unchivalrous ally, Gregory helps to instigate the treachery against Treguard.
Mirrach ab Dunann: He is a strange Druid priest, and one of Arawn's servants. He tricks Treguard into following him into the Wildwood before raising a horde of evil murderous skeletons. Treguard defeats these with his dragon-blade, Wyrmslayer.
Arawn: The Elf King dislikes mortals trespassing in his realm. He makes Treguard his firm enemy thanks to Rupert's trickery, and is quite confident of his ability to defeat the Saxon swordsman. However, he does not reckon on following Treguard through the Dream Caverns to his power-centre, Knightmare Castle.
Sir Linden: One of Arawn's knights. He relies on his battle-prowess to defeat mortals who trespass in the wood, and is the first to challenge Treguard.
Sir Rowan: He has more success than his rival, Sir Linden, in challenging Treguard. He first tricks the Saxon into exhausting himself by freeing him from a false trap, and then attacks and wounds him.
Hugo of Alvingham: The Earl's uncle has become Arawn's trusted adviser, and therefore the Elf King welcomes the Earl into his court. At first Hugo believes Rupert to be his nephew, but when the real Earl turns up and the mistake is realised, Arawn vows revenge against Rupert.
Sir Gareth: One of the Earl's rescue party, he recognises the Elf King's seneschal as the Earl's long-lost uncle.
Velda: The elf-maid tends to Treguard's wounds and shows him to the Dream Caverns. She also warns Hugo not to leave the wood as it is only Arawn's power that keeps him alive, and he will die if he goes home.
Merlin: Treguard seeks him out in his fevered dream once again. The wizard tells Treguard of Arawn's nature, and makes him realise that the place to defeat the Elf King is in his own realm, Knightmare.

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2. The Labyrinths of Fear
Second of the series of seven (Knightmare) books. Written by Dave Morris. First published in 1989 at bargain price of £1.99.
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