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1. Team 5 of Series 5
From TES issue 35 (September 2005)
 [Related Image] Series 5
Quest: The Crown.
Dungeoneer: Jenna Barber.
 [Related Image] Advisors: Andrea, Kelly and Anna.
Home town: Exeter, Devon.
Team score: 2 out of 10.

A completely useless team, this time, whose level one death reflected their utter hopelessness. Sorry to be so cruelly blunt, but the evidence follows...
 [Related Image] Level One: In the Wolfglade, a choice of objects awaits Jenna. One of these is a small chest and, despite a very clear warning on the scroll - Don't open the box! - one of the advisors brightly suggests that Jenna sees if the chest opens at all. Fortunately, Treguard and Pickle point out this mistake, and the advisors decide to take the box without opening it. Jenna also acquires a bag of gold. A boat ride with Brother Mace follows, during which the monk gives Jenna some information about her quest - she must buy aniseed in order to pay Smirkenorff for a flight to level two.

Jenna next reaches Wolfenden, where Julius Scaramonger engages her in conversation. The team manage to negotiate the sale of a jar of aniseed in exchange for the gold, then Scaramonger gives Jenna a free spyglass, through which Lord Fear can be seen tasking Sylvester Hands with apprehending Jenna, using a truly masterful plan: "I nab her and sit on her 'til the frightknights come." - Sylvester Hands.
 [Related Image] Jenna finds herself back in the woods next, where she has to shout at two assassins in order to scare them away. Gwendoline turns up and reprimands Jenna for causing noise pollution, before shooting the two assassins with her bow and arrows.

Back in the Dungeon, Jenna meets Sylvester Hands. He is very interested in the small chest she is carrying, so he takes it from her. When Hands opens the chest, Pixel flies out and attacks him until he runs off. Once Jenna has placated Pixel's wrath, the pixie agrees to continue to travel with her.
 [Related Image] After retrieving the box, Jenna reaches the Aggression and Defence causeway. After walking on a shield, Jenna is then directed onto a sword, and promptly plummets to her doom.

Summary: A hopeless quest that never showed any promise, which was brought to its timely demise by a typically careless mistake.

 [Related Image]

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Provided By: Eyeshield, 2007-01-22 14:43:22
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2. Team 5 of Series 5
Quest: The Crown.
Dungeoneer: Jenna Barber.
Advisors: Andrea, Kelly and Anna.
Home town: Exeter, Devon.

This team's death was on the causeway, when they chose the path of defence but didn't stay on it. Many Knightmare fans, however, have announced that the team were very tired because they had been filming all day and one of the advisors was short-sighted so they couldn't see the causeway clearly. So I think it was quite a harsh way to go, but they had a good try at least.

Provided By: emeraldeyes, 2011-10-04 15:31:30
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