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1. Team 1 of Series 3
From TES issue 21 (May 2003)
 [Related Image] Series 3.
Quest: The Sword.
Dungeoneer: Gavin Gillespie.
Advisors: Tom, Craig and Brian.
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Home town: Uddingston, near Glasgow.
Team score: 3 out of 10.

The first quest of series 3 was going surprisingly well until the boys forgot themselves and strayed from the beaten path...
 [Related Image] Level One: After rolling the dice and going through the right-hand door, Gavin arrives in a room with four doors and pit. The advisors have to direct him out quickly as a large cobra rises from the pit, which, Treguard informs them and us, is the dreaded Khar. There follows the first ever journey through a dwarf tunnel, and then Gavin reaches the clue room where there is the choice of a bone, a key and a potion. Those of us expecting to see Granitas appear on the wall are sorely disappointed as Golgarach appears to pose the questions. Despite deliberating for ages over the first one, the team score three out of three and earn maximum information from the wall monster - give her something to chew on, the doors ahead are not locked by any normal means and also the first step, the tree. They decide to take the bone and the potion. Gavin next finds himself in a chasm with a serpent's mouth as an exit, where a long pink forked tongue forms a precarious bridge. Mellisandre appears on a rocky ledge beside the serpent's mouth and waves Gavin across. He is successfully directed onto the ledge, which leads to a stone room with Velda in it. The elf warrior is suspicious of Gavin's strange appearance. Treguard informs the team that elves are very keen on courtesy, so Gavin has to ask her politely if she will let him pass. Velda is won over by Gavin's silver tongue and gives him the second step - the thistle. Having almost completed the level, the advisors have to guide Gavin through the green-lit Dungeon Valley. Treguard warns them not to stray from the path, but their guidance is unfortunately not accurate enough. Gavin is directed into the quicksand and immediately sinks to his doom.
 [Related Image] Summary: They could have done quite well, I think, if it were not for the misguided step straight into the quicksand.

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