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1. Team 1 of Series 1
From TES issue 7 (June 1997)
DUNGEONEER : David Campbell

GUIDERS : David Hemp, James Hoggit [sic], Lucian Morris
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 [Related Image] Level One : The team were welcomed by Treguard in what was to become a tradition of Knightmare. After stepping into the Dungeon, David started out in a traditional four-door portcullised room. Suddenly, the letters O, P, E, and N appeared on the floor. A simplistic floor puzzle this was, yet it required a lot of hesitation and wasted life force before the team finally cracked it! In the next room, David took a pie for food, which was enough to trigger the appearance of Olgarth.
 [Related Image] After tackling the wall monster with a score of two out of three, Olgarth told them "Justice lies on the right, but he who seeks it must be fleet of foot." On the table there was an Aladdin-style lamp, a talisman and a ruby. The ruby and talisman were chosen, and David duly exited through the right-hand door.
 [Related Image] Next was a bomb room. After a moment's dithering, David chose the door to the left, straight into another one! However, this time they were prepared, and escaped.
 [Related Image] Now in Lillith's Chamber, Lillith was in a benevolent mood as David offered the ruby. This was enough to summon the causeway, before Lillith advised David to exit fast!
 [Related Image] At this point, the team's potential energy crashed on them. After entering the corridor of the catacombs, Treguard urged them to hurry. Thinking they had a matching talisman to the door symbol, the team went LEFT!...
 [Related Image] David entered an empty room, with no doorways. Treguard explained they were doomed. The team tried holding up the talisman to no avail, before their life force finally slipped away...
 [Related Image] Summary : They were quick when necessary. Could have done quite well if they'd picked the right path.
Level Reached : Level One
Room Count : 7 Rooms
5 out of 10
 [Related Image] Written by Chris Griffin

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