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1. spell scroll
An item that was physically identical to the hint or clue scrolls featured in quests from Series 5 onwards, but different in function, in that (as the name implies) a spell scroll would bestow a spell upon the team who read it, simply by displaying the spell's name distinctively. The dungeoneer did not need to carry the spell scroll with them to retain the spell.

Spell scrolls seen on Knightmare include PIXEL, GHOST, BACKFIRE and RESTORE. On one occasion, a spell scroll read 'TRICK or TREAT?' and the team (Team 5 of Series 6) was obliged to choose only one of the two to cast. Team 4 of Series 6 were apparently sold a spell scroll by Julius Scaramonger, though the scroll remained unread when the quest ended, so the name of the spell (if indeed the scroll was genuine) is unknown.
 [Related Image] Spell scrolls were the fourth method featured on Knightmare by which a team could acquire a spell, the other three being receipt from a character, the collecting of letters (FREE) and the collecting of magical/quest object fragments (MEDAL, TALISMAN, ARKEN). (A dubious fifth method arrived in Series 7 via INSIGHT, and a sixth method in Series 8 via FILLET.)

Lords of the Game, a pilot based on Knightmare that was filmed in 1992 for the US market, featured a scroll containing a ZZAP spell.

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