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1. Spear Room
From TES issue 24 (November 2003)

Series 1/2/3. Level 2.
 [Related Image] The first version of this challenge consisted of a corridor that contained five doors; one at the far end and two on each side. Giant silver spears shot in and out of the side doors, across the path of the dungeoneer, and it was the advisors' task to get them past the gleaming spearpoints to the door. The first teams to attempt this challenge were the three to reach level two in series 1 - Simon, Danny and Richard. The challenge looked menacing enough and certainly unnerved these three teams, but the truth was that they were in little danger of dying. As soon as the dungeoneer walked into the path of the spears, they either stopped moving or disappeared completely - not much of a challenge, really. As Danny also proved, there was plenty of room to duck underneath the spear on the far right, although it was something of an unnecessary inconvenience for the poor little chap.
 [Related Image] Because of the oddity and awkward workability of this challenge, it was redesigned for series 2. This time the spears were smaller and faster, and made nasty grating noises as they met across the path of the corridor. They did not disappear once the dungeoneer had run into their path, which meant that careful instruction was needed for the dungeoneer to both start and stop in the right place. The added hazard of holes in the floor was a nice way to give the challenge more of an edge and, when the Hall of Spears returned for series 3, skull ghosts were sometimes added to further fluster the teams. Despite being the setting for several tense and exciting guidance scenes, however, the Hall of Spears never claimed itself a victim, which is hardly surprising really. Despite the fact that the challenge was more difficult in series 2 and 3 than in series 1, I'm certain that some dungeoneers were let off being brushed by the moving spears. If you don't believe me, look carefully at the two revered heroes of series 3 - Leo and Martin II - and see if you can spot them standing over the spearpoints' path for a few seconds as they attempt this challenge. No victims, then, but a memorable Knightmare puzzle.

Difficulty: 5 Not as tricky as it looked.

Killer Instinct: 1 Even near scrapes weren't penalised.

Gore Factor: 4 Could have been nasty...

Fairness: 7 A good challenge for level two.

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2. Spear Room
The second version of KM's Spear Room also appeared at least once in 'France's Knightmare', Le Chevalier Du Labyrinthe. The spears were fully extended and motionless, and the dungeoneer's task was to break them with a previously-acquired sledgehammer in order to reach the exit.

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