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1. snake pit
Location mentioned a couple of times by Lord Fear during spyglass scenes. The first was in Series 5, when Sylvester Hands was slow to respond to his call, and Fear growled "Drat the rat - I'll have him thrown in the snake pit if he ignores me!" The second was in Series 6, when Greystagg was apparently concerned about Team 6 having come into possession of the Hand of Atrab. Lord Fear assured her that he'd sent Skarkill and his goblins "beyond the great snake pit and through the Mines of Malapith", so they were sure to catch the dungeoneer.

As the snake pit was never seen, it's not clear whether it was meant as a tribute to Raiders Of The Lost Ark, or simply the lair of the dreaded Khah as seen in Series 3. [See: giant reptile]

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