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1. Smirkenorf
On the one occasion when Smirkenorff the dragon is mentioned in The Forbidden Gate, his name is spelt with a single f instead of the customary two.

While this could be a typo, the Knightmare books feature a plethora of alternative spellings of Knightmare characters' names. (See: Mildred, Lilith, Hordris, Aesandra)

Ironically, the Knightmare Discussion Forum has a member named Smirkenorf - see the lower definition of the Smirkenorff entry for more information.

The inconsistency runs deeper still: while Smirkenorf is described by Treguard in The Forbidden Gate as being older than any language, this is apparently retconned away by events depicted in the very next Knightmare book, The Dragon's Lair - in which the dragon's name is again spelt with only one f.

See also: Smirkenoff.

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