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1. Simancas Castle
A 15th century castle in the town of Simancas, in the Valladolid province of Spain.

The following Knightmare scenes were filmed at Simancas Castle:

 [Related Image] Team 1 of Series 7 found the entrance locked. Fidjit demonstrated his unique and frankly amazing skill of using a key to unlock the door, claiming that Simon would only make a mess of it.
 [Related Image] Just inside the wall is the Level 1 courtyard where Team 2 of Series 7 rescued Romahna from Sylvester Hands. It was seen again when Team 3 restored Fidjit to his human form, after Sidriss had turned him into a toad.
 [Related Image] This Level 2 clue room, featuring a bust of Charles V (Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain), was only seen during the first quest of Series 7. To the right is the "patio" (inner courtyard) where a portal was found.

Castillo de Simancas now houses the Spanish national archives and is only open to researchers. Click here to visit the website.

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