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1. Sidriss
From TES issue 15 (May 2002)

Series 6/7/8. Level 1/2.
 [Related Image] Sidriss introduced herself as Hordriss's daughter in the second episode of series 6. Iona Kennedy presented Sidriss as a kind, inoffensive yet completely daffy and dizzy young sorceress. The trouble was that Sidriss was unsuccessful in all areas of magic, and therefore not a very successful magician. Her first appearance - with Motley and dungeoneer Matt - saw her trying to conjure up a brownie, but ending up with a pooka instead. Later in series 6, Sidriss tried to make herself more beautiful than she was already by using cosmetic magic, but ended up incredibly ugly.
 [Related Image] Sidriss's poor skills in magic seemed to frustrate her a lot because she desperately wanted to live up to her father's high expectations. Speaking of Hordriss, Lord Fear realised quite quickly that Sidriss was his main weakness. Many of Fear's plots to overpower Hordriss included capturing Sidriss in some way, or creating a murderous Sidriss replica out of a skeletron. Where this played a part in quests, the dungeoneer would have to prevent Fear's plan from going ahead. January, for example, released Sidriss from Fear's entrapment spell by using a pouch of defrost powder.
 [Related Image] Typical reactions included warm yet measured praise from Hordriss, and tears from Sidriss. Sidriss was also encountered in quests not involving her father, usually bungling some magic spell or other. She was friendly, naively cheerful and always keen to help dungeoneers with spells, causeway codes, objects, passwords or even boat rides. Sidriss spent a bit of time with Motley in series 6 and 8, and Fidjit in series 7. Fidjit didn't seem to like her much because of her erratic ways with magic, but Motley - in his typical way - claimed to be in love with her. When he confessed this to her, she shrunk him to the size of a mouse, from which point he was much more wary of her.
Indeed, despite Sidriss's good intentions she made a terrible friend, as Marta found out when she was accidentally turned into a cat during an argument. When dungeoneer Nicola II returned Sidriss's wand to her she tried to turn Marta back into her old self, but she ended up as a large black Labrador instead!
Fear Factor: 0 Far from it.
Humour Rating: 7 Dizziness contributed to her sense of humour.
Killer Instinct: 0 There was no malice within her.
Oscar Standard: 8 Fairly convincing, I suppose.

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2. Sidriss
Where members of the Knightmare community are concerned, the screen name Sidriss was for a long time associated with Lucy, who provided character art for RPG Season 2 as Tiger Fish Studios and has acted in RPG Season 3 (Ixia), RPG Season 4 (Ixia, Adele, Foehn of The Three Winds) and RPG Season 7 (Isilme the elf).

The Sidriss account on the Forum's most recent incarnation dates from November 2002. Lucy has made less than 25 posts with it in 7 years, though one of them had the distinction of being her wedding date announcement.

On IKM, Lucy described her discovery of as follows: 'One of the first words I typed into the search engine when I first acquired the Internet was Knightmare, and Nic's site was top of the list of course!'

She was credited as Sidriss Starshine for her contributions to the website, including scans of early KM publicity photos and of the Mindscape computer game box, and extra information on various Series 7 characters.

Lucy was also credited as Sidriss Starshine on NKTP where her Knightmare fanfics, Phase & Phase Again and The Void Of Creativity (written with Andrew Buckley), reside. The latter story actually features Lucy as a character.

Sidriss' epithet may have inspired theconfused, who joined the forum in January 2016. She introduced herself as 'Cait … born a couple of years after Knightmare ended, but I used to watch repeats on Challenge as a kid and fell in love with the show'. theconfused made 13 posts in 2016.

In February 2018, a Twitter account was set up for a cat named after Sidriss.

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