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1. Shapes and Numerals
From TES issue 21 (May 2003)

Series 5. Level 3.
 [Related Image] This was the final challenge Ben and friends had to tackle at the end of their winning quest in series 5 [Team 4 of Series 5]. In other series the retrieval of the quest object involved simply picking it up or casting a spell and producing a picture of it. Here in series 5, however, was a logical final challenge that involved wits, footwork and magic, and provided a tense and satisfying conclusion to a top-quality adventure.
 [Related Image] Having negotiated the frozen wastes of Winteria, Ben arrived at the moat of a fortress. In the middle of the moat was a blue platform with a sun symbol emblazoned on it. Ben was standing on a platform that read I plus I. Two further tiles grated into being adjoining this, reading II and III. The challenge was to complete a set of sums using Roman numerals, and so extending the walkway towards the central platform. Ben was guided onto II, then over another plus I to III, then over a plus II to V. Once he reached the central platform, a block of ice burst into the picture with the Shield of Justice encased in it. The team had to cast the spell FIRE to release it, and then Ben was able to retrieve it. But the challenge was far from over.
 [Related Image] In order to cross the moat and reach the castle, Ben had to walk over another set of tiles, this time featuring different shapes. The team had to visualise the shape Ben was on and work out what it would look like if a piece was added to or taken from it. The tension was running high at this point, and it was heightened by the appearance of the life force clock in the corner. In series 5 the same life force sequence from the first four series was used, but without the heartbeat sound to accompany it. This time, though, the resounding beat was brought back for its only appearance in the series. As the clock ran down into condition red and the skull began to crack, the beating pulse added a great urgency to Ben's agonising progress. As the eyeballs started to roll away, Ben was at last able to enter the castle. A fanfare sounded as the triumphant dungeoneer returned to the antechamber with the Shield on his arm: a thrilling climax!
 [Related Image] Difficulty: 6 Not too bad, as long as you know your numerals.
Killer Instinct: 1 Didn't get much of a chance.
Gore Factor: 3 What would it have looked like if he'd fallen into the moat?
Fairness: 8 A fitting final challenge, and surely not too much to ask.

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