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1. Sewers of Goth
From TES issue 25 (January 2004)

Series 7/8. Level 2/3.

This was Lord Fear's first line of defence in series 7 - the dank and uninviting environment of the sewers below his tower home. Fear himself described them as follows: "The rankest, stenchiest subterranean passages in this world or any other." - Lord Fear.

The Sewers of Goth consisted of a small platform that led off into a river of green and yellow detritus, which bobbed and rippled with small waves. Fortunately, dungeoneers were not required to swim along the sewers to the exit, but were taken across in a boat. The rower was usually Grimaldine, who spent a lot of time hanging around level three on his search for the Brollachan. Barry had Greystagg to row him instead of Grimaldine. During the boat ride, it was possible for teams to gain information and spells for use on level three from their rower, so the Sewers of Goth could prove to be a crucial point in the quest. It was as they were rowing through the sewers, for example, that Grimaldine told winning dungeoneer Julie about the three pieces of the arken shield that he had hidden throughout the level to use against Lord Fear.

The Sewers of Goth were an interesting new addition to series 7, and certainly looked to be as disgusting as Lord Fear said they were. Their value as a Knightmare room was purely aesthetic, however, as the sewers themselves did not pose any immediate threat to the quest. However, it was a crucial point of level three where the team's fate could be decided, so the Sewers of Goth could be classed in the same league as such rooms as the stained-glass window in series 2 and 3, and the round room where bargains with Hordriss and Malice were fulfilled in series 4. As Goth moved to level two for series 8, so too did the sewers. Snapper-Jack seemed to enjoy hanging out here, as he often used the Sewers of Goth as a venue for asking his riddles.

Only Daniel and Michael got boat rides through the sewers in series 8 - Michael was rowed by Sidriss after saving her from Snapper-Jack, while Daniel used a fearsome potion to turn into Lord Fear and force Sylvester Hands to row him across. At other times, the way to exit the sewers was simply to walk off-screen. During Rebecca's quest, two miremen were seen wading through the green murkiness of the sewers, which was a nice Knightmare moment. The Sewers of Goth lost something of their status in series 8, however, as they were no longer a sign that victory was not far off, and they became much easier to escape from.

They are certainly very memorable, though - as I type, a striking image of the green water with yellow streaks comes unbidden to my mind. I suppose such a vivid depiction of such an environment as a sewer is more likely to stick in the memory than such things as stained-glass windows and castle courtyards. Yes, although the Sewers of Goth are perhaps not best classed as a Knightmare puzzle or trap, they certainly are a convincing and impressive Knightmare room.

Difficulty: 5 An object and/or wits were sometimes required for a boat ride, or Snapper-Jack's questions.
Killer Instinct: 2 There was never any problem as to how to get out.
Gore Factor: 10 This room was designed to be disgusting, and so it was.
Fairness: 9 A good addition to level three, which perhaps lost something when it was moved to level two.

Provided By: Eyeshield, 2007-01-21 21:36:25
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2. Sewers of Goth
From The Quest, Volume 3.1:

'[In 1993] there was an additional task, to create a new environment for Lord Fear. As you all know, his home was destroyed at the end of [Series 6] and the sewers of Goth which have been built to replace it were a real challenge to the designers as well as the teams. Jake Knight, Kafat Lam, Robert Hemmings and Dave Edwards (Eggwoods) all worked together on the project using Silicon Graphics software - "Soft Image" and "Acrobat" to produce the environments.

The new Sewers of Goth only took about three days to build but then they went to Tim Child for approval and testing. Often minute changes need to be made which will take hours, for example the dock for the boat had to be exactly the right size for the real boat in the studio and the water in the sewers needed to move at exactly the right speed to look realistic. The more observant of you may have noticed that the flames in the torches on the walls of the sewers actually burn backwards, was this a deliberate mistake we ask ourselves?'

Provided By: David, 2018-08-23 17:53:26
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3. Sewers of Goth
 [Related Image]

The Sewers of Goth are part of Goth's defences. It was part of level 3 in series 7, and part of level 2 in series 8. During series 7 dungeoneers would have to get someone to row them across the sewers to the exit. In series 8 it's uses varied from the boat ride, a general location for character like Snapper-Jack to appear, and once featured the Miremen travelling along the sewers towards the dungeoneer.

Provided By: The Brollachan, 2004-10-26 15:52:07
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