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1. Scaborous
The red dragon Scaborous was presumably an early version of Bhal-Shebah, a.k.a. Firestorm of Marblehead. Several months before Series 8 was filmed, Lord Fear’s Diary in The Quest newsletter mentioned that Sylvester Hands had somehow managed to acquire this monstrous and intimidating reptile. His Lordship went on to say: "I can't wait for the next season to start and see how 'Old Scabby' sets about the Powers that Be. 'Powers that Were' - more likely."

There was no explanation as to why the dragon's name had changed by the time the season began, or why he'd developed a split personality that in fact made him useless for guard duty. The original diary entry may be regarded as non-canonical, or else it's possible that Scaborous was replaced with a different dragon after proving uncontrollable. Several creative and amusing theories can be found in this forum thread.

Provided By: Canadanne, 2015-11-28 03:27:37
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