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1. Ring of Power
 [Related Image] Series 6 of Knightmare featured two clue objects that were referred to as Rings of Power. The first was picked up on Level 2 by Team 4. They then discovered via spyglass that the ring had been stolen from Lord Fear, and knew him so well that it could impersonate him, yet could also be tracked if used. Dungeoneer January could have made use of the ring to fool Sylvester Hands into thinking that she was Lord Fear, but didn't, leading to her capture by Hands. Watchers did not get to see the effect of a dungeoneer impersonating Lord Fear until Daniel of Team 2 of Series 8 drank a Fearsome Potion.
 [Related Image] Series 6's second Ring of Power appeared on a Level 1 clue table during Quest 6. On the clue table was also a scroll that explained how to use a ring - place on the left hand's third finger, rotate once - making it clear that the team (Team 6 of Series 6) should take the ring. Trying out the ring in the next chamber, the team discovered that it made dungeoneer Sophia grow much larger. She was returned to her normal size when she rotated the ring again. Treguard (who'd referred to the artefact as a ring of power) advised against overuse of the ring, lest its effect were to become irreversible.

Sophia's next and final use of the Ring of Power was to scare Julius Scaramonger (and Young Grimwold) into selling her a dragon caller that he was claiming not to have. The team encountered another magic ring, a Ring of Phobia, on the very next level.

The spells BIG and GROWME, and the Uppers tablets, caused dungeoneer enlargement in other quests.

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